Adapting changes:City Resilience

The world is at the mid of climate change, that building resilience for each city have become necessity of the hour. City Resilience is a vast topic that is structured upon understanding the systems that make up the city and the interdependencies and risk that the may face. Understanding the potential risk a city may face can improve its development.

A city is a center for development of people, and the chronic stresses that comes up as resultant are high unemployment with inefficient public transportation system. The endemic violence, chronic food and water shortages and lack of proper waste disposal.

There can be acute shocks a city may face such as earthquakes, floods, disease outbreaks, terrorist attacks. When there is a combination of these challenges, building up resilience becomes a herculean work.

City Resilience is a way that leads to better designated projects that can address multiple challenges at a time. When we work on the resilience of a city the framework should be like health and wellbeing, economy and society, infrastructure and environment, leadership and strategy. These four pillars acts as the basic structure for resilience of a city.

Further the past experiences should help in making future decisions. Recently Kerala had been facing an floods that have destroyed many lives and infrastructure. In the future the building codes should be made strict to take care of the environment while creating infrastructure. The dependence on non-renewable resources have to change to sustainable energy creations to create a greener world. When a decision is made there should be a broad consultation with the people as well administration to create a sense of shared ownership. The resilience should be build on a integrated administration that include distinct systems and institutions. If these systems are well constructed and managed more changes can be adopted with alternative strategies to achieve resilience.

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