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Basics | July 8, 2018

Differentiating Incident & Problem Management

Incident is a negative event or an event with negative outcomes. In general, Incident, Problem, are terms which are used interchangeably and in some places, to top up the confusion, […]

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Basics | June 27, 2018

Risk Treatment Methods

Risk – The potential for loss, damage or destruction of an asset as a result of a threat exploiting a vulnerability. The effect of risk can be positive or negative. […]

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Basics | June 25, 2018

Risk, Threat and Vulnerability

Risk, Threat and Vulnerabilities are the technical terms that are frequently used interchangeably. Although they are related to each other, they have different meanings. Consider a  situation like you are […]

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Basics | June 20, 2018

Business Continuity Terminologies – RTO, RPO & MAO

RTO – Recovery Time Objective This determines how quickly you need your systems back up and running following a disaster. In simple words, a time in future, at which your […]

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Basics | June 18, 2018

Cyber Resilience

In the same way that biological systems acquire immunity towards diseases, cyber/IT  systems should adapt to ever changing cyber threats. Here comes the importance of cyber resilience. Cyber resilience is […]

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Basics | June 17, 2018

Personal Resilience, a Resilient person ?

We do our best to stay away from diseases – Avoid playing in rain, if wet, get yourself dried up Avoid having stale foods What happens when you fall sick, […]

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Basics | June 11, 2018

Identify Resilience

A stretched rubber in a rubber band, the moment you leave it, it returns to its original form / shape. Its capable of being stretched to a certain point until […]

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