Basics, Resilience

Personal Resilience, a Resilient person ?

We do our best to stay away from diseases –

  • Avoid playing in rain, if wet, get yourself dried up
  • Avoid having stale foods

What happens when you fall sick, after all the precautions you took. We do our best to heal our body – Band-aid to any wounds to help heal, medicine during fever etc.

But do all of us recover at the same pace? are we all affected by a disease the same way ? It differs by the health and immunity of a person. This is what we call as the Resilience of the Individual.

The idea is not to live in a 100% protective environment. Living in a germ-free, isolated controlled environment isn’t practical. We do accept that, we may fall sick, we may have to take medicines.

What we concentrate is more on improving our immunity to diseases, mostly by:

  • by improving our daily routine
  • by eating healthy food etc.

All this  increases our immunity, capacity to recover in case we fall sick. A healthy body, recovers fast, thriving through Resilience.

Protection / security is not something we can achieve 100%, situations when you cant protect, Resilience comes into role; how well you can adjust, adapt and recover.


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