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GDPR value add on Resilience

Data Privacy is a major concern for any person as well as privacy protection is critical to consumer and employee trust when an organization is concerned. When a law comes to effect supporting the privacy people become more secure. EU’s GDPR was one of the privacy law that made many of the organizations rethink on their way of approach on data breaches. GDPR is not limited to companies with headquarters set in EU but to all companies that are holding data from EU citizen A proactive approach have replaced the practices done by most of the organization on breach under GDPR. Corporates took GDPR it as a major priority in their resilience building. As one month have passed since the GDPR came to effect, a review has to been done on how GDPR helps in building up a cyber resilient world.

BigID Inc., which was recently named a 2018 Cool Vendor in Privacy Management by Gartner participating in the “Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2018” leverages on the importance of machine learning and identity intelligence in securing the data. Cyber resilience can be achieved only through a holistic strategy against potential cyber incidents.

The strategies may include providing security controls before, business continuity during, and automated recovery after an attack. Cyber-attacks and breaches happens almost every day. So, having privacy regulations may help in creating more responsible corporate world that would secure their data for their customers. Privacy regulations helps in improving the internal process of an organization there by preparing the organization against cyber crimes and also helps in business continuity by providing good reputation and brand value through customers trust.

Considering data privacy issues holistically may encourage technology innovations. Most of the technologies that were in the infant stage have grown to a better position due to the need for implementing GDPR. Rick Echevarria, Intel Vice President participating in the Cyber Week conducted in Israel(June 17th- 21st) says “security for AI, where the focus is on protecting data and also leveraging AI to detect advanced threats”. Blockchain, machine learning algorithms are moving into a direction were the data privacy can be considered while addressing the innovations but there is a need of cumbersome work to be done to creating a better cyber resilient world.

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